Mar 17, 2020


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Session of Erin has decided to cancel worship and activities through the end of March. This includes:

  • Sunday morning Worship
  • Sunday School classes
  • Youth groups on Sunday evenings
  • Wednesday night programs

Letter from the Pastor

Dear Erin Family,

May God be with and look after you all.

These are unprecedented times, but the faith, hope, and love that we share will enable us to endure.

Our elders and staff are praying for all of you and looking for ways to help us through this coronavirus crisis. We all trust in God and seek His presence with us. As in ancient days, He will lead us through this pandemic.

Today our elders decided to cancel all of our worship services and programs for the remainder of March. We did this not just as a precaution, but through a ministry of love and care. Every person at Erin – church member, regular supporter, friend, and visitor – is an important part of our spiritual family. We want you and your loved ones to be safe during this time. We want to encourage and support you as one family of faith.

As we persevere, can I ask you to do several things:

  • Will you focus on your loved ones, both near and far, and ask God to bless them all?
  • Will you pray for the church and all of our people each day?
  • Will you think about your neighbors and help them if they need you?
  • Will you make time to read the scriptures and study God’s word?
  • Will you also pray for our elders, staff, and ministry teams regularly?

On Sundays, instead of meeting personally in the sanctuary, we hope to have an online worship time via Facebook Live or other social platforms.

Bulletin material will be available on our website [click here].

Bible studies will be produced which you can easily download to read on your computer, tablet, or cellphone and can be printed out at home.

Prayer requests will be taken at any time – you may call the church at 865-588-5350 and leave a message which will be answered. You can also send an email to either John at or April at

Our church staff will work from home and will answer any incoming calls between 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. Outside of those hours, calls will be directly forwarded to the pastor’s cellphone (865-454-3942).

Pastor John will be in the church building each day unless he is needed elsewhere at a hospital or home. He will be there most days from 9:00 to 5:00 PM. He will also be at the church on Sunday mornings, too.

Our ministry and mission will still continue even when our building is closed. We will be church together, to help one another and to spread God’s love. Please keep in mind the on-going expenses of our church and people. Even though we cannot be there in-person, we can all contribute our pledges, tithes, and gifts by doing so securely online [click here].

You may also mail your gifts via check to the church office at:

Erin Presbyterian Church
200 Lockett Rd
Knoxville, TN 37919

Thank you for your faithfulness and love, encouragement and support. May God bless & be with you all.

Pastor John

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