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Welcome and blessings from Erin Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, TN. We continue our series of online worship services for Sunday, August 2, 2020.

Erin Presbyterian Church

Unified in Christ, we actively seek to create harmony in a diverse community through compassion, mutual respect, and love.

The recent unjust killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor have renewed outrage over racial injustice across our nation. The racism, discrimination, and violence experienced by people of color for many generations have largely been ignored by the white majority. Power and privilege have been denied to Black Americans; equality under the law and mutual respect have often been disregarded. Despite our belief that ‘all men are created equal under God’ and that ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ are unalienable rights; and despite our public pledge that we live in a land ‘with justice for all,’ it is clear that these noble proclamations are not being extended to all American citizens. While some members of our community live in constant fear, others of us take our safety and security for granted. This is not right. If we are not willing to challenge the current state of affairs, we are perpetuating it.
In light of present events where people of all colors, faiths, and generations gather peacefully and lawfully to remember the slain and to protest the injustice, we, the elders and people of Erin Presbyterian Church unequivocally support equality and justice for Black Americans and condemn the evil of racism, discrimination, inequality, and the repeated injustice which damages, divides, and destroys us as one nation under God.

Finally, we pledge ourselves to do the work of understanding, uniting, and reconciling. We will continue, with God’s help, to live out our vision. We will show compassion, mutual respect, and love to all of God’s children. As Presbyterians, we will pursue peace and justice for everyone. As Christians, we know of no other Gospel than to welcome and love one another, regardless of color, ethnicity, faith, age, gender, or sexual orientation.

In Christ’s Name, we affirm this statement.

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Unified in Christ, we actively seek to create harmony in a diverse community through compassion, mutual respect, and love.


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