Supporting one another

… to serve as the congregational glue, to hold each other close in love and support, by breaking bread and sharing our lives together …

Erin's Fellowship Mission Statement

The Challenge

Everyone wants to feel welcome, especially when you’re new. But churches can make that extra tough.

If a church is too small, then everyone already knows everyone else. Shucks, everyone may be related to everyone else! It’s hard to be “the new kid.”

If a church is too big, then it’s easy to get lost. True, nobody knows everybody. But then … how can you find the folks who are the best match for you?

The Solution

Like Goldilocks, you need to find a place that’s not TOO small, and not TOO big. A place that’s “just right.”

A place, in fact, like Erin Presbyterian Church. We’re big enough to make a difference, but small enough to know your name.

Fellowship Opportunities


Wed. Night Dinner 5:45 pm

Our super-talented (or should we say, “supper-talented”) Dinner Team serve up a great time of food and fellowship to get our Wednesday Night activities off on the right foot. The menu is different every week and includes “just for kids” options.


Each month a member hosts a pot-luck dinner in their home. It’s a great chance to meet people and get to know them better, outside the confines of the church building.


Presbyterian Women

Choose between daytime or evening monthly gatherings, as your schedule permits. PW get-togethers are famous for their fun, food, fellowship, and study.

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