Erin Session

Leading our ministry teams


Erin Presbyterian Church is guided by the Session, a group of 12 Elders elected by the congregation to lead the church, following Christ as Head of the Church. Four elders are elected each year and serve for three years. The Pastor serves as Moderator of the Session.

As part of this structure, each elder also serves on one of six Ministry Teams, and members of the church are encouraged to serve on a Ministry Team as well.

Kelli Canan
Cynthia House
Kim Jaynes
Apryl Quinn
Craig Strand
Ian Bone
Kelcey Levering
Andy Sarles
Nicole Waters
Nancy Berry
Justin Bornhoeft
Jenny Boyd
Rickey McCallum

Nominations: Elder Class of 2023

The Nominating Team is working to discern God’s call for the members who will become the Elder Class of 2023! The congregation elects elders for three year terms. Please consider nominating a candidate (even yourself) for elder using the Elder Nomination Form.

    Elder Nomination Form

    Submit this form to nominate someone for the Elder Class of 2023. You may nominate yourself (i.e., volunteer to serve), too!

    Frequently Asked Questions about Elders

    How are decisions made in our church?
    The Session or board of elders is the decision-making body of our church. It is made up of elders who represent the congregation, and the pastors. The Session is responsible for the whole life of our congregation, in spiritual and practical matters.
    What is an elder? Are they really old?
    Elders are elected for 3 years, and no, being an elder does not mean you are old! In fact, the session currently includes men and women of all ages. “Elder” refers to the wisdom and faith these people bring to their work.
    How are the elders chosen and who chooses them? What are the criteria used to choose them?
    The Congregational Nominating Team is made up of members from varying life stages, ministry areas and cultural backgrounds.  The congregation makes suggestions of good candidates, as do the pastors and current elders. The Nominating Team looks for potential elders who are “persons of faith, dedication and good judgment. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world.” The Nominating Team prays together, reads scripture, seeks God’s voice in their decisions, and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit the committee discusses the strengths of those suggested. The pastoral staff provides confidential input on our final candidates to help us select the nominees for election by our congregation to a three year term. All deliberations by the Team are strictly confidential.
    What does the Nominating Team do anyway? Do they check the church attendance and giving records of all the candidates? Do they evaluate their clothing and careers?
    The Nominating Team meets together regularly to get to know and trust one another, pray for God’s leading and wisdom, and to review suggested candidates. The discussions are positive and no “statistics” about people are discussed. Instead, we share what we know about candidates and their strengths. If a member of the committee has a concern about a candidate, they just state that and we respect their wisdom as led by the Holy Spirit. We pray for all the suggested individuals, and ask God to use their leadership skills to further his Kingdom.
    I know someone who would make a wonderful elder. How can I suggest his or her name?
    YES! Simply submit the nomination form above.
    I would like to be considered as an elder. Can I nominate myself?
    YES!  Use the same form and describe your desire to serve.

    If you are not chosen as an elder this year, nominate yourself again next year. Another way to serve might be through a ministry team. Please contact the ministry area you are interested in and express an interest in serving on a committee or team. You don’t have to be an Elder to have a BIG impact in serving God.

    How many elders are needed each year?

    There are 4 vacancies to fill every year, and many godly individuals will be suggested as candidates.

    Why do some members serve as elders multiple times?
    The Nominating Committee tries to include several previously ordained elders in each “class,” so that there is a continuity of history, experience and wisdom in the group. This is balanced with new elders who will serve for the first time.
    Who should I contact if I have other questions about the Nominating Team or the leadership process at EPC?
    You may contact any member of the current Nominating Team:

    • Randy Boyd
    • Sonja Dubois
    • Anna McKay (elder)
    • Don Quinley
    • Joe Tate (elder)