Stewardship Campaign 2024

The Things We Do for Love

Click here for the complete Stewardship Campaign letter (PDF).

Erin’s Stewardship theme this year invites us to imagine the things we do for love –the love of God, of one another, and of the world.

I John 4:11 says it well: “Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another.”

Our commitment to Erin is an overflowing of love – it’s a place and a community where we have grown in our capacity to love God and others, and it’s a vehicle for expressing that love in a concrete way. Through worship, music, outreach, discipleship, and creative expressions, Erin is a beacon of light in our community. Especially in this time of transition, being bold in our giving, and growing in our commitment will help strengthen Erin’s ministry for the future. Pledging not only helps us plan a budget; it’s a thing we do for love.

We invite you to bring pledges throughout the month of April – either online or using the card you received in the mail. And please join us on Sunday April 28 for a celebration luncheon!

    Submit the following form to indicate your interest in supporting the work of Erin Presbyterian Church. A member of the Stewardship team will respond promptly and in complete confidence. Thank you!

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