Today’s Bible readings can be found on the Internet here: Exodus 37:1-16 and Luke 24:1-11.

Exodus 37:9 “The cherubim had their wings spread upward, overshadowing the cover with them. The cherubim faced each other, looking toward the cover of the Ark”. (NIV)

Like most people, I never really gave much thought to the Ark of the Covenant until I saw the movie “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” which starred Harrison Ford in the lead role of Indiana Jones. The excitement of that film captivated me completely and so each time I come across the descriptions of how the Ark was made, I can’t help but think about the fables concerning the holy artifact. I know that most of them are non-Biblical and more science fiction fantasy than sacred scripture story, but the history of the Ark – how it was made, where it was carried, and how it disappeared – still intrigues me to this day.

The artist in me also resonates with the beautiful imagery and craftsmanship that Bezalel used to create and construct the Ark. His skills must have been amazing and the Hebrew people would surely have been proud of what he made. Out of all the lost artifacts of ancient civilizations, Bezalel’s Ark is the one that I would most like to see. I hope when we all get to Heaven, there will surely be some sort of Hall of Fame Museum where all of those ancient items like the Ark of the Covenant, Aaron’s Rod, and the original stone tablets with the Ten Commandments, can be seen forever.

I like the fact that the Bible has yet some mysteries which cannot be found or factualized. It means that faith is still necessary for us to become connected to God and His continuing work of salvation. I also prefer that God has all the answers, which means that we are continually learning new things about His words, ways, and works. This is what attracts us to the scriptures and my faith; this is what unites me to Christ’s Spirit.

Point to ponder:

What mysteries in the Bible still intrigue me? What have I newly learned about God recently?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we don’t know everything, but we believe You do. Draw us closer to You through the stories in the Bible and with Your sacred teaching. Bless us this day with Your Holy Presence. In Your sacred Name, we pray. Amen.

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