Did you know that Christmas is a season of twelve days and not just a one-day event?

Today, Jan 3, is the ninth day of Christmas, which means you can continue to celebrate Christmastide.

I’ve asked our amazing church staff to share their favorite Christmas carol, hymn, or song during this time. Today, Farrah Linkous, our Youth Director, shares her thoughts on her favorite song:

Away in a Manger

Away in a manger | No crib for a bed | The little Lord Jesus | Lay down his sweet head | The stars in the sky | Look down where he lay | The little Lord Jesus | Asleep on the hay

It’s the Christmas hymn I most remember from my childhood. My grandmother played piano at her church, and she kept hymnals at home to practice. I remember getting them out at Christmas and picking a hymn to sing on Christmas Eve and I always picked ‘Away in a Manger’. I think even as a child, it spoke to me with the imagery of the baby Jesus in such a humble setting, asleep in the manger with the cattle around Him. It sounded a lot like a lullaby to my ears and I loved the idea of singing the baby Jesus to sleep.


You can watch and listen to a delightful version of this hymn by Casting Crowns on YouTube: