Today’s Bible readings can be found here: Genesis 5:15-32 and Matthew 10:24-42.

Matthew 10:29 – Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. (NIV)

One of the simplest delights that I had during my childhood days in Scotland, was the feeding of sparrows in my backyard. It didn’t matter what time of year it was, or what kind of stale bread I threw to the birds, flocks of cheeky little sparrows would descend upon the morsels. I loved to watch them hop and bounce around the bread, as well as seeing them play tug-of-war with a large crust. In the saddest of times and gloomiest of days, they always cheered my heart.

I like what Jesus had to say about sparrows. I think He must have enjoyed watching them, too. Those little playful birds were observed by God, Who even knew if one of them fell to the ground. This reveals to me both the compassion and pleasure that God has for His Creation and the creatures within it. And, as Jesus stated long ago, if God cares so much about common sparrows, how much more does He care about us?

Perhaps you are going through a bad time, feel really stressed out, or are deeply disappointed. Maybe you’re anxious about the future, worried about someone else, or concerned about present difficulties. Please know this: God is watching over you and cares so much for you. Be assured of His presence in your life; know that He has your best interest in His heart.

Point to ponder

What burdens am I carrying today? Am I willing to let God carry me with them?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, You said that we are worth so much more than sparrows. You constantly told Your people of God’s real and amazing love. In the midst of our setbacks and problems, enable us to be embraced, supported, and upheld by God. In Your Holy Name, we gladly pray. Amen. 

Today’s image is one of John’s bird drawings of a Chickadee. If you would like to view a larger version, please click here.