Silent Night, Holy Night
All is calm, All is bright
Round yon virgin
Mother and child
Holy infant, so tender and mild
Sleep in heavenly peace
Sleep in heavenly peace

Our congregation sings this beautiful carol at the end of our Christmas Eve candlelight service. As we pass Christ’s light around and light up each candle, we softly sing Silent Night. Combined together, the song and candles create a wonderful presence of Christ’s Spirit being among us. We all feel blessed to be together; we all experience God’s gracious love.

‘Silent Night’ is an Austrian hymn which was written and composed by pastor Josef Mohr and church organist Franz Gruber, in the tiny alpine village of Oberndorf. The church organ was not working and they needed a song for Christmas Eve. Both men put the words and music together, taught it to their little congregation, and sang it accompanied by a guitar. Little did they know that their Christmas Eve carol, first sung in 1818, would travel around the world and that almost 200 years later, it is sung in many different languages, churches, and denominations every Christmas Eve. It truly is a wonderful song which will still be sung by people and angels throughout all of Eternity.

Points to ponder

What has this journey through Advent meant to me? How do the seasonal hymns and carols touch my spirit?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, this is Your Holy Day and we rejoice with the angels at Your birth. You have changed our world forever and we feel blessed to be forgiven and loved by You. May we share Your blessings with all whom we encounter this wonderful. In Your Holy Name, we cheerfully pray. Amen.

Today’s image is another of John’s Nativity drawings called ‘First Family.’ If you would like to view a larger version, click here.

You can watch and listen to the present day Oberndorf community sing the hymn in its original version on Christmas Eve, on the steps of the original chapel, on YouTube: