Monday: Mark 14:1-16
Tuesday: Mark 14:17-31
Wednesday: Mark 14: 32-52
Thursday: Mark 14:53-73
Friday: Mark 15:1-32
Saturday: Mark 15:33-47
Sunday: Mark 16: 1-8

After getting used to the Gospel of Mark’s fast pace, it’s surprising that a full third of Mark’s gospel lingers over the last week of Jesus’ life, with much more detail. Mark wants us to pay attention to Jesus’ interactions as his betrayal, arrest, trial, and death approach. This is, for Mark, the key to the story. But then his account of the resurrection is brief and open-ended. I urge you to read Mark’s passion narrative slowly, through the week. What does it teach you of Christ’s sacrifice? And of what it might mean to follow this crucified and risen one?