Today’s Bible readings can be found at this link: Psalm 30:1-12 and Revelation 11:1-13.

Revelation 11:6 They have power to shut up the heavens so that it will not rain during the time they are prophesying; and they have power to turn the waters into blood and to strike the earth with every kind of plague as often as they want. (NIV)

We have some amazing scientists in our congregation, who are world-renowned in their specialized research fields. They all teach at the University of Tennessee and are exceptionally knowledgeable about global issues and environmental matters. All of them are currently concerned about the common rejection of scientific data and research on climate change, industrial pollution, and environmental damage across our nation and around the world. They have years of experience in these major fields and planetary issues; their wisdom is something that could help halt the damage and restore our precious world. Sadly, time appears to be running out for human beings to effectively reverse these concerns. A continued insistence of ignoring the key facts and a foolish denial of adopting real solutions will deeply impact the world that our children and grandchildren exist in. Our pride and contempt will steal their future, causing our generation to be blamed for refusing to deal with our planetary problems.

In ancient times, people were ignorant of what caused water to look like blood (red tide) or how to deal with earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and floods. They were unable to either flee these terrible events or control the spread of the disaster. The Book of Revelation has many instances of people being destroyed by the elements. All of them were depicted as moments of God’s wrath over sinful people. However, today we have more information and scientific knowledge about what causes these things, helping us to diminish and avoid their major impacts. God gives us the intelligence to deal with them, but even He cannot compel us to accept the truth or facts. Human foolishness and capricious ignorance endanger all of our lives. Just because we don’t like what the scientists are telling us or can’t accept their solutions, does not mean that we are right and they are wrong. If anything, the history of humanity teaches us that when we ignore the facts, we end up suffering from the consequences of our own stupidity and inaction.

When I look into my grandson’s eyes, I think about how much I love him and all that I hope for his future within my heart. Andrew will make his own decisions as he journeys through life, but some of those choices will be affected by what my generation think, believe, say, and do. I pray that I will hand over a planet to him that is worth living in, therefore, I will strive to defeat any ignorance, foolishness, or pride that may threaten his future environment and global existence.

Point to ponder:  Do I accept or reject current scientific data on the environment? Why?

Prayer:  Lord God, You are the Creator of the world and the Sustainer of our planet. You see all of the damage and pollution that we are foolishly inflicting upon this precious jewel. Forgive our stupidity and open our hearts and minds to all that needs to be done in order to restore our world. Enable us to be willing to make sacrifices, as well as investments, which will heal and restore our planet. In Your Holy Name, we humbly pray. Amen.

Today’s image is one of John’s Bible drawings based on a verse from Psalm 119. If you would like to view a larger version, please click here.