Today’s Bible readings can be found online at this link: Genesis 29:1-20 and Mark 1:1-15.

Mark 1:15 “The time has come,” Jesus said. “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news!” (NIV)

Yesterday, we all had to put our clocks forward an hour in order to synchronize our lives with Daylight Savings Time. I must admit, I hate the process, not just because of all the clocks, timers, and alarms that need to be re-set, but because we live in a 24-hour active world where daylight doesn’t really matter anymore. My solution to the problem would be this: put the clocks forward one Spring for half-an-hour and never, ever change them again.

In the New Testament, there are two forms of time. The first is ‘Cronos,’ which is an hour by hour system of time that we still try to manage each and every day. The second form is called “Kairos,’ which is all about a specially appointed time by God for an important event in our faith history. In today’s passage, Jesus states that the ‘time has come,’ which is Kairos. It means that this is the appointed time that God has set for Christ to begin His ministry.

In our lives, there are holy and sacred moments that God appoints which will affect our faith and possibly change us forever. A personal conversion experience, a calling to ministry or an invitation to move elsewhere are all examples of Kairos. In those special moments, God’s Hand is at work, directing and guiding us to something new, something He wants to be done, and something that will become important to us.

Perhaps you are unsettled or even wondering what to do, where to go, or how to start. Maybe this is God’s way of telling you that He is preparing a new work, a new way, and a new path for you to accept, embrace, and walk. Even Christ had to start His ministry at some appointed Kairos time; perhaps God is letting you know that this happening to you, too.

Point to ponder:

Am I drifting aimlessly or is God pulling me toward something new? Am I willing to accept His guidance at this appointed time?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, our lives do not fully belong to us and our times are always in Your hands. You know us completely and perfectly understand our present circumstances. Guide us to an appointed place and time, so that we may know of God’s purpose for this moment in our lives. In Your Holy Name, we humbly pray. Amen.

Today’s image is one of John’s sunflower drawings called ‘Waiting for Summer.’ If you would like to view a larger version, please click here.