Today’s Bible readings can be found at this link: Proverbs 23:19-35 & John 9:1-17.

John 9:10 “How then were your eyes opened?” they asked. (NIV)

The greatest wish or prayer that I have for all of my loved ones is encapsulated in this verse from John’s Gospel. I want all of them to have their eyes opened by Jesus in order to see Him for who He actually is: The Savior of their souls and the Lord of their lives. I know that am I am not a perfect witness or flawless example of what a Christian should always be, but that does not stop me from hoping and praying that they will one day discover Christ in all of His totality.

Before I took Christ seriously, I dabbled in different things spiritually. I always felt there was something bigger and better than me, a supernatural power or almighty force that kept sustaining the world and universe. However, I was too self-absorbed to make any true leap of faith, so I just meandered down my own reckless path and put any notion of God to the side. It was only when I realized I was actually being self-destructive and needed to change that I cried out to God for help. I had blinded and deluded myself into thinking that I could handle anything and even do everything I wanted, but instead of filling my life with substance, I was actually draining my spirit and emptying my soul. Only God could rescue me from my self-made pit; only Christ could heal the blindness within me.

Perhaps you’re also praying for your loved ones to have their eyes opened by Christ. Maybe you’re feeling empty and in the dark yourself. Whatever the case, please know this: Christ can help your loved ones, so keep praying; Jesus can also brighten your life, so keep asking Him for His light. On the day that I decided to surrender to Jesus, my life changed forever. He opened my eyes and enabled me to see life as it actually is: a gift from God that is wonderful to experience and amazing to know.

Point to ponder:  Has Christ opened my eyes to His love? What about my loved ones? Am I praying for them?

Prayer: Lord Jesus, thank You for revealing God to our world. Open our eyes to Your ways in our lives and help us to share Your gracious gift with all of our loved ones. In Your Holy Name, we pray. Amen.

Today’s image is one of John’s Holy Week drawings called “Passion.” If you would like to view a larger version, please click here.