Psalm 130:5 I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His Word, I put my hope. (NIV)

We are not very good at waiting for things. In a society that was so used to practically receiving our requests being  met instantly, we have forgotten the spiritual gift of patience and the necessity of waiting for things that are yet to come. Our impatience with our present situation can aggravate us in ways we never thought possible. Our present limitations and strongly recommended boundaries are forcing us to reluctantly change our lives.

It is not easy for any of us, but especially for those with children. Juggling the needs of working from home and dealing with family demands at the same time are deeply affecting many parents. They need some encouragement, help, and support, too. Their patience is fragmented and their ability to see this through is severely diminished. A kind word over the phone or even a ‘thinking of you’ card will mean so much to them. To know that they are not alone and remembered in our prayers will help them endure.

So, today’s message or call to action is for us to reach out to young parents and check-in with them on a regular basis. Just because they are healthy does not mean that they are strong. They also need our help and consideration.

Prayer: Lord Jesus, we pray for the parents that we know who are working and caring for their families at home. Be with them throughout this critical time and enable us to encourage them. We pray this in Your Holy Name. Amen.