Today’s Bible readings can be found at this link: Isaiah 29:1-12 and Romans 2:1-16)

Romans 2:11 For God does not show favoritism. (NIV)

We all feel the need to belong to God; some folks may not know it yet; others may feel as though they’ve lost it; and others may still be hoping that God has not forgotten them, even though they have willfully forsaken Him. Whatever the case, we all have this Edenic need to belong to God – it’s in our genes and wired to our DNA, so why fight against it?

To be part of a group gives us an identity, encouragement, and confidence. To experience belonging erases our isolation, insecurity, and vulnerability. And with God, who shows no favoritism, it means that we are never alone in this world or universe or dimension. God is willing to include us in His existence; God is always seeking to fill that gap or emptiness in our hearts and lives with His love. We belong to God because He longs to love us no matter who we are, where we go, or what we’ve done. God shows no favorites – we are all loved equally in His eyes.

Perhaps you’ve been away from church for a while and have lost your spiritual connection. Maybe you’ve been thinking about going back to a congregation but feel nervous about walking through those sanctuary doors again and seeing those good folks you actually miss. Know this: they miss you, too, and to them, as well as to God, you have always belonged there. God shows no favorites, not even to those who have worshipped faithfully for years.

In the midst of very tragic and painful times, our loneliness and confusion can be very hard to bear. We will never work out why bad things happen to innocent people or why society seems so brutal and brazen. But rather than remain bewildered and isolated, we can quietly come back to God, to be embraced with His love, and to be comforted by His words. Returning to church may seem like a very big step, but once we are there, we’ll soon discover that God has been waiting for us all along. Why? Because we all belong to God – there are no favorites – thank God!

Point to ponder:  Have I been feeling isolated and alone recently? Do I need a place to belong? Am I willing to let God lead me back to church?

Prayer: Lord God, You created this beautiful world and decided to share it with human beings. We are made in Your image and contain part of Your Spirit in us. Help us to reconnect with You and be restored to Your holy love. In Christ’s Name, we pray. Amen.

Today’s image is one of John’s early Communion drawings. If you would like to view a larger version, click here.