Proverbs 16:21 The wise in heart are called discerning, and gracious words promote instruction. (NIV)

I often enjoy reading the book of Proverbs from the Old Testament. The wisdom and common sense that it contains may be three thousand years old, but most of it can be applied even now. Take today‘s highlighted verse. It mentions both the gift of discernment and grace. Discernment is not just knowing what to do in any given situation, but it also involves applying it effectively. No wonder then that the Bible calls those who practice discernment ‘the wise in heart.’

But there’s also something attached to discernment that makes it more appealing and acceptable to others: grace. When wisdom is graciously presented, it is more readily received. A know-it-all may understand what needs to be done and then order everyone to do it, but the wise in heart offer solutions to issues for consideration and discussion. They allow others ownership in making the correct choice.

Today, we will all have decisions to make which may involve other people. As we make our choices, let’s apply proverbial wisdom and try to be the wise in heart.

Q: What decisions will I have to make today that will involve others? How can I show both discernment and grace?

Prayer: Lord God, Your holy words are full wisdom and Your counsel is always perfect. Help us to receive Your grace and show us how to be discerning. In Your Sacred Name, we pray. Amen.