Exciting Developments

Over the last year, your Session has devoted a significant amount of time examining who we are as a congregation. We’ve assessed the big questions facing us, both externally and internally and how we need to respond to these questions if we are to transform, grow and thrive. The goal of this work was to develop strategies, consistent with who we are as a congregation, that will enable us to respond to these big questions and achieve our current Vision, transforming our congregation and moving us in the direction we feel God is leading us.

The result of this work is The Vision Project: Belong, Become, Beyond. This is the name we’ve given the strategies we’ve developed and will be working to implement as a congregation. Over the next several months you will be receiving information from Session about this important and exciting project. We will share why it is not only important but critical for our congregation, the changes that will be required to implement these strategies, how you as members and friends of the church fit into this effort, and the timeline we plan to follow. We hope you will be as excited and encouraged as we are as you learn more about The Vision Project: Belong, Become, Beyond!

Please stay tuned as we are just getting started and will be providing more information every step of the way!


Session (2019, 2020, 2021): John House, Cynthia House, Kim Jaynes, Apryl Quinn, Anna McKay, Keith Stump, Betty Gibbs, Cathy Van Ostrand, Erin McCallum, Dusty Pennington, Tammy Murphy, Craig Strand, Kelli Canan, Ian Bone, Kelcey Levering, Andy Sarles, Nicole Waters.

Staff: Pastor John Stuart, Joy Bornhoeft, Joe Jaynes, Nancy Berry, Farrah Linkous, Lynne Jones.

Strategy Communication Team: Cynthia House, Kim Jaynes, Joy Bornhoeft, John Stuart, Pat Wallin, Kelly Schueler, Kelsey Sarles, Kevin Griffin