The Vision Project: Strategy Announcement and Presentation


With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Session developed two strategies to respond to the critical external and internal issues facing Erin church over the next 3 to 5 years:

STRATEGY 1: Instilling in Erin’s members & friends, as seekers together, a true understanding of and subsequent active commitment to what it means to be and to live as Christ’s disciple.

STRATEGY 2: Sharing with the community the ministries that God has called Erin to as a body of believers & living as disciples of Christ in all aspects of our individual & diverse lives so that others see Jesus in us.


Why is developing strategies necessary? Why can’t we just continue doing what we have always done?

With mainline Protestant churches rapidly losing members and the percentage of people attending most churches declining yearly, especially among Gen Xers and Millennials, change is necessary for our church to maintain relevancy, growth, and long-term sustainability. What used to work to attract, retain and grow members into mature Christians, engaged in service in the church and the community, no longer works. Long time members of Erin need just look around on a Sunday morning to realize we, too, are being impacted by the current trends.

Changing in positive ways as the environment changes is a common characteristic of all healthy, living things. Churches, like all organizations, are living entities, made up of the people who nourish and give them life. Positive change comes from challenging the status quo and tradition, from men and women having the courage to examine how well the organization is adapting and to make the necessary changes for it to thrive. Though not always comfortable, your Session and Staff demonstrated such courage in our work to develop strategies. We ask that all Erin members demonstrate this same courage and join us in implementing these strategies by committing to Belong, Become, and go Beyond.

Coming in June: We’ll share the exciting changes scheduled to launch in August that will enable us to implement our strategies and realize our vision!!

Check out this presentation about the process Session used to arrive at our two strategies for taking Erin into the future as a vital, growing church.  We will be posting four more presentations with details about the Vision Project. Don’t miss even one!!