The Vision Project: What’s Your Role?

Erin members and friends,

In previous communications about The Vision Project: Beyond, Become, Beyond, we’ve talked about what we’re doing and why. We’ve explained the changes Erin church needs to make in order to implement our two strategies and make our Vision a reality. We hope you’re intrigued, and even excited, about our new direction and our focus on renewal and transformation. But transformation isn’t easy. Identifying the issues, and even developing and documenting solutions, only gets us so far. If we’re going to make this happen, it means considerable work.

That’s where you come in! Erin’s Session and staff can only do so much. Achieving our Vision will take all of us working together. As the old saying goes, many hands make light work. If everyone who wants to see our wee church succeed commits to supporting these efforts, we can, with God’s help, accomplish our goal: to be a place where all of us can truly belong, become strong disciples who understand and model the love of Jesus as we live each day, and venture beyond the walls of the church to bring that love to the people around us.

How do you fit in? Join us on Rally Day, which is Sunday, August 11, to hear more about two commitments we’re asking you to make.

  • First, Rally Day will kick off the new Sunday school year. At 9:30 we’ll gather for breakfast and hear about classes for children, youth, and adults. You’ll also learn about other opportunities to grow as Christ’s disciple by studying His life and His teaching, talking about what that means in your life, and building relationships with other Christians at Erin. We challenge you to join one of these groups and focus on your own spiritual growth. We also ask that you prioritize attending Sunday worship services. God calls us to represent the body of Christ, and that’s hard when we don’t spend time together in worship.
  • Second, on Rally Day you’ll have a chance to sign up for one of Erin’s ministry or ministry support teams. You know about some of them because they’ve been around for years. But as we examined our structure in light of our mission and vision, we realized critical pieces were missing. Most of these tasks are getting done, but only by one or two people and not to the level we need if we’re going to grow. We’re setting up new teams to address those. The list below includes all of the old teams, plus the new ones (indicated by an asterisk). Responsibilities for each team are listed in the latest presentation and printed copies will be available on Rally Day.
Ministry Teams Support Teams
Worship Property
Discipleship Marketing and Communication*
Mission and Community Outreach Information Technology*
Fellowship and Member Care Audio Visual*
Creative Expressions Visitor Follow-up*
  Administrative Support*
  Organization Health and Culture*

We’re also establishing teams that represent age level groups and families to make sure our ministry teams address ALL members of our church and our community.

We’re encouraged by the positive comments we’ve heard and the enthusiasm we’ve seen for making Erin a vital, vibrant congregation of disciples who understand and demonstrate God’s love in practical ways. We sincerely hope you will pray about your part in what God is doing at Erin. We realize it will require greater commitment by more people to make it happen. If we all prioritize worship and spiritual growth and find a place to serve on a team that speaks to our gifts, talents, and interests, we can all support the mission God has for Erin. What’s more, we will celebrate together what God can accomplish through us as His body, the church.

Want to know more? Join us for the second live presentation, to be held on July 21 and again on August 4 at 9:30 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Join us for coffee, tea, and muffins and bring your questions!

In His love,

Erin’s Session, Pastor, and Staff

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